Voting Contest. The Best Actress Of Korean Dramas 2021

The Best Actress Of Korean Dramas 2011
The Best Actress Of Korean Dramas 2021

Who is Best Actress Of Korean Dramas 2021:

Our site has ratings of Voting Contest. The Best Actor Of Korean The film industry in South Korea produces the most-watched cinema Series in the world. Its largest sector is the Korean, English language film industry. South Korea has a long list of internationally known great-looking celebrities. Here is the 2021 list of the 25 best Korean Actress living Woman of Korean descent.

We choose Best Korean Actress Voting Contest 2021 according to your votes. This list is composed of the Best Korean Actress.

These are our candidates: Ha Ji Won, Shin Min Ah, Ku Hye Sun, Gong Hyo Jin, Yoon Eun Hye, Le Young Ae, Choi Ji Woo, Han Hyo Joo, Song Hye Kyo, IU, Bae Suzy, Kim So Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung, Park Bo Young, Kim Yoo Jung, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hyun Joo, Moon Chae Won, Seo Ye Ji, Park Min Young, Kim Go Eun, Yoo In Na, Jo Bo Ah.

Rules in Who was the Best Korean actress 2021 Voting:

You can vote multiple times.

Poll Closed: 30 November , 2021

Happy Voting!

Who is The Best Actress Of Korean drama

Kim Hyun Joo
1,191 Votes 41.10%
Park Shin Hye
619 Votes 21.36%
Kim Go Eun
370 Votes 12.77%
Song Hye Kyo
321 Votes 11.08%
Park Min Young
71 Votes 2.45%
Moon Chae Won
64 Votes 2.21%
Ku Hye Sun
40 Votes 1.38%
Kim So Hyun
38 Votes 1.31%
Kim Yoo Jung
33 Votes 1.14%
Choi Ji Woo
32 Votes 1.10%
27 Votes 0.93%
Seo Ye Ji
20 Votes 0.69%
Jo Bo Ah
12 Votes 0.41%
Yoo In Na
10 Votes 0.35%
Park Bo Young
10 Votes 0.35%
Bae Suzy
9 Votes 0.31%
Jun Ji Hyun
7 Votes 0.24%
Son Ye Jin
7 Votes 0.24%
Han Hyo Joo
5 Votes 0.17%
Ha Ji Won
4 Votes 0.14%
Shin Min Ah
3 Votes 0.10%
Lee Sung Kyung
2 Votes 0.07%
Yoon Eun Hye
2 Votes 0.07%
Gong Hyo Jin
1 Vote 0.03%
Le Young Ae
0 Votes 0.00%

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